Our Program at The Mississippi Prep

At The Mississippi Prep, we’re all about our business and the love of competitive sports. Founded in 2021, The Mississippi Prep is a non-profit postgraduate athletic program, “Prep School,” that provides student-athletes another opportunity to further their athletic and academic careers. At Mississippi Prep, we strongly support the development of our student-athletes both on and off the field and encourage positive community involvement and spiritual enhancement. Located in Biloxi, Mississippi, our program is uniquely positioned to offer our students the best training, life skills, leadership development, education, community service, and recruitment while in a relaxing environment.

Program FAQs

Q: Is TMP an Accredited School?

A: TMP is a post-graduate athletics program that supports student-athletes in their academic courses and ACT/SAT Test prep.

Q: What is a post-graduate semester/year?

A: A post-graduate, or “PG year” as it is often called, is an academic semester/year of study generally pursued between graduation from high school and enrollment at a college or university. A PG year is offered at many independent schools throughout the country and usually involves a residential experience. In the case of TMP, our “PG year” is only one semester.

Q: How will students benefit from attending TMP?

A: TMP is a collegiate known as a “post-graduate” program designed to extend college readiness and academic improvement., increase athletic opportunities, and foster more significant social, emotional, and mental development. Athletes who enroll at TMP will enjoy a semester filled with athletic and academic skills development.

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