Housing at The Mississippi Prep

Students are encouraged to consider connecting with other students attending for shared off-campus housing. Forming a group with one or more students can help divide the work of finding an apartment, make splitting rent & utilities more affordable, and open avenues to look for larger apartments.

Housing FAQs

Q: Do you offer housing?

A: Yes, we provide recommendations and resources for housing by NO MEANS do we have any affiliation with the companies. Parents and players are fully responsible for the rental payments and furnishing the unit.

Q: How do students apply for housing?

A: Upon acceptance, students will be provided with housing companies that provide short term, and income restricted leasing.

Q: In what areas do students look for housing?

A: Students can search for housing options in the following areas, Gulfport, Gautier, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, and D’lberville

*For more information, please email us at – [email protected]

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